Flax seeds laddoo with dates

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                                                                         Ready to serve Flax seeds -dates laddoo

Makes – 15 laddoos of the above size

Time taken: 45 minutes

Dates are considered energy giving and healing food , it heals the disturbances of intestines and is a mild but effective laxative .They are also considered a tonic food especially for heart weakness and as a convalescence food , boiling the dates with milk or even water makes it a easily digestible tonic food.

Fresh dates are sticky in texture and i sometimes use it as a natural sweetener and a binder for a sweetmeat preparation…….this laddoo is simple to make but it’s yummy if you like dates……… flax seeds and sesame have a nice nutty flavor and add to the taste of dates in this preparation toasted almonds can be powdered coarsely and added to this mixture if you do not like flax seeds and sesame …….

I have already put up flax seeds chutney powder, peanut flax seeds laddoo etc., But in peanut  flax seeds laddoo i have used jaggery but in this laddoo i have not used either sugar, jaggery or ghee and hence more healthier.  Here goes the recipe!!!

What you need to have:

1. Flax seeds – 3 tablespoons

2. Sesame seeds  3 tablespoons

3. Dates – 1 cup grated

4. Cinnamon powder – 2 pinches

5. Cardamom-2

DSCN0620                                                                                  Ingredients of Flax seeds dates laddoo

What you do with what you have:

1. Grate dates and keep it aside as shown in the image above.

2. Place a spatula with flax seeds in it on medium flame.  Roast it till it splutters.  Transfer it to a plate to cool down.DSCN0621                                                                                     Flax seeds being roasted

3. Roast sesame seeds in the same spatula till it splutters.DSCN0624                                                                    Sesame seeds being dry roasted


                                                                Roasted sesame and flax seeds mix

4. On cooling grind both roasted sesame and flax seeds  in the dry grinder along with pealed cardamom to a semi coarse mixture.  Transfer it to a bowl along with grated dates.  Mix it well with your hands.DSCN0627                                                                          Flax seeds dates laddoo mix

5. Take required quantity of the mix and tie it into round laddoos by kneading it in such a way that you get a binding with grated dates. Since we do not add either sugar/jaggery or ghee it is a little time consuming to tie it.DSCN0629                                                                             Ready to serve flax seeds dates laddoo

Makes :15

Time taken: 45 minutes

Good to remember:  1, Use fresh flax seeds, sesame seeds and also seed less  soft dates for the dish.

2. One can even add pistachio, almonds etc.., as per one’s p allot.

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    […] Flax seeds laddoo with dates […]

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