Instant Oats dosa

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                                                                                                      Ready to serve Instant Oats dosa with chutney powder & ginger chutney

Makes : 10-12

Time taken: 45 minutes in all

I have given a detailed introduction of oats in my old recipes. My blog has a host of oats recipes namely oats idli, upma, oats poha upma, Oats-moongdal tikki, Oats ragi rotti, Oats-dry fruits laddoo, Oats appam, Oats-poha chivda and Oats veg roti.  Today i would like to add one more recipe and here it goes….

What you need to have:

1. Oats 3/4 Cup

2. Wheat atta – 1/4 Cup

3. Rice atta – 1/4 Cup

4. Chopped onions – 3/4 Cup

5. Chopped green chili – 1 Teaspoon

6. Chopped ginger – 1/2 Teaspoon

7. Chopped cilantro – 2 Tablespoons

8. Cumin seeds – 1 Teaspoon

9. Water – 2 and 1/4 Cups

10. Salt – As neededDSCN0134

Ingredients of Oats dosa

DSCN0138                                                                       Other ingredients of oats dosa

What you do with what you have:

1. Peal and chop onions, chop green chili, grate ginger, wash and chop cilantro and keep it aside.

2. Pulse half the quantity of oats in the mixie to a coarse powder and the remaining half can be added as it is. Transfer the rice atta, wheat atta, coarse oats powder, oats into a wide bowl. Add in the chopped ginger, green chili, cilantro and onions as well to it. Also add cumin and salt to it.  Let the batter set aside for about 10 minutes.DSCN0140

   All the ingredients being transfered to a wide bowl


                                                                   Instant Oats dosa batter

3. Place a dosa skillet on medium flame.  When heated, splash a little oil on it and rub it with a tissue paper or a coconut coir.  When heated, splash a little water on the skillet and pour a laddle of dosa batter in the outer circle of the skillet.  Then fill up the centre too.DSCN0141                                                                 Oats dosa being cooked

4. When done, flip it and fry till done.  Transfer it to a serving plate and relish it  hot with any chutney of your choice or even dry flax seeds chutney powder.  This dosa should be relished when hot as it does not remain crisp for long.    “BEST SERVED HOT OF THE SKILLET” YummmmmmDSCN0737                                      Ready to serve oats dosa with ginger chutney and chutney powder

Makes : 10-12

Time taken : 45 minutes in all

1. One can even add the quaker oats as it is since it is not the whole oats.

2. The quantity of water can vary depending upon the fineness of rice atta and wheat atta.

3. I have used whole oats hence i have used half the quantity of powdered oats.


4 thoughts on “Instant Oats dosa

    krish recipes said:
    April 25, 2015 at 11:36 am

    lovely dish

      prathibalrao responded:
      April 25, 2015 at 4:50 pm

      Hi Krish recipes,

      Thank you.

    CHITRA said:
    June 28, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Excellent breakfast dish !

      prathibalrao responded:
      July 14, 2015 at 9:53 am

      Hi Chitra,

      Since we were in transit i could not reply to your comment. Once again thanks a lot for your sweet words.

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