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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                             Ready to serve Alu-palakKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

                                                                                               Ready to serve Alu-palak with chapati

Time taken: 45 minutes

Serves – 3-4

Alu and palak  both are so popular that it needs no introduction at all.  I have already put up a host of palak dishes like the Dal-palak, palak-moongdal masala, palak soup, Palak lachcha paratha and also Plak-paneer to name a few.  Today i would like to put up Alu-palak which is also as popular as palak-paneer  which is a good combo for roti and chapati.  Here it goes….

What you need to have:

1. Chopped Palak – 2 cups and green chili -2 (to be blanched together)

2. Cooked & cubed potatoes – 2 cups

3. Chopped Tomatoes – 1 cup

4. Chopped onions – 3/4 cup

5. Ginger garlic paste – 1 teaspoon

6. Cumin seeds – 1/4 teaspoon

7. Cloves – 2

8. Cinnamon – 1″ piece

9. Turmeric powder – 1/2 teaspoon

10. Coriander powder – 2 teaspoons

11. Garam masala powder – 1/4 teaspoon(home made)

12. Kasuri methi – 1/2 teaspoon

13. Sugar – 1 teaspoon

14. Milk cream – 1 tablespoon (optional)

15. Water – 1 cup (as needed)

16. Cooking oil – 2 tablespoons

17. Salt – as per tasteKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                                   Chopped palakKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                         Cooked and cubed potatoes

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                               Ingredients of seasoning & garnishing

1. Wash and peal  also chop potatoes and cook it in cooker without adding water to the veggie till soft.  Remove it and keep it aside on cooling as shown in image-2.

2. Wash and chop palak and cook it in a wide bowl with green chili , sugar and a little salt till done.  On cooling pulse it in the mixer to a medium soft consistency without adding extra water to make puree.

3. Heat oil in a wide skillet  and add cumin seeds, cloves and cinnamon to it and fry till aromatic.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                      Spices being fried till aromatic

4. While being aromatic add chopped onions to it also a little salt, turmeric powder and fry till transparent.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                     Chopped onions being fried in oil

5. When done, add chopped tomatoes to it and fry till mushy.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                     Chopped tomatoes being added to it

6. When done, add ginger garlic paste, dhania powder and stir till aromatic.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                          Dhania powder & ginger garlic paste being added

7. Add palak puree from step-2 to it and cook for a while adding a little water as well to it to bring it to the desired consistency.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                         Spinach puree being added 

8. When done add cooked and cubed potatoes from step-1 to it also add some more water if needed, since on adding potatoes the gravy may turn thicker.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                         Cooked & cubed potatoes being added to the gravy

9. While being boiled add garam masala powder and crushed kasuri methi to it and bring it to boil on low flame as usual.  Finally add milk cream (optional), stir and transfer it to serving bowl checking for salt.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                                 A closer view of the dish

10. Enjoy with chapati or roti .  Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                     Ready to serve Alu-palak with chapati

Serves 3-4

Time taken: 45 minutes

Good to remember:

1. One can even use spinach in place of palak.

2. Garam masala is home made and hence only 1/4 teaspoon since it is very strong.

3. This dish can be relished the next day for better flavour.


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    Salse Indiane | I Tripaziello said:
    February 2, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    […] Alu-palak […]

    sunil said:
    March 1, 2015 at 8:02 pm

    I m interesting in khana aur khana
    Just keep me alert always.
    Thank u.!

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