Oregano leaf chutney (Dodpathre yele chutney)

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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                  Ready to serve Oregano leaf chutney

Time taken: 20 minutes

Serves : 3-4

Oregano leaf is a wonderful herb both to use in cooking and therapeutically as needed.  Oregano/Dodpathre/Sambarbalii in English/Kannada/konkani. Oregano is the main ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisines in the U.S and is often used in Pasta sauce. Oregano contains vitamin A C E and K, as well as fiber, foliate, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6, calcium, and potassium. It’s anti oxidant contents support the immune system and its useful in treatment of upper respiratory tract infections.

My mom used to prepare this wonderful chutney and i thought of sharing it on this blog today.

What you need to have:

1. Oregano leaves – 1 Cup

2. Turmeric powder – A pinch

3. Pure ghee – 1/2 Teaspoon

4. Tamarind/Bilimbi – 2-3

5. Red chili – 2-3 (Byadgi chili)

6. Fresh grated coconut – 1/2 Cup

7. Salt – As per taste

Ingredients of Seasoning:

1. Mustard seeds – 1 Teaspoon

2.Cumin seeds – 1/4 Teaspoon

3. Broken red chili – 1 or 2

4. Curry leaves – A few

5. Cooking oil – 1/2 TeaspoonKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                             Fresh Oregano leaves

What you do with what you have:

1. Wash and pat dry the leaves and chop it fine and keep it aside.

2. Place a skillet with 1/2 teaspoon of pure ghee in it. When heated add chopped Oregano leaves from step 1 to it. Also add salt and a pinch of turmeric powder to it and cook it on low flame till done.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                               Chopped Oregano leaves being cooked

3. When done would be as shown in the image below.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                    Cooked Oregano leaves

4. Grated coconut, fry red chili in a little oil, cooked Oregano leaves and all other ingredients of chutney in a plate.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                            Ingredients of Oregano  leaf chutney

5. Transfer all the ingredients of chutney in the mixie bowl and adding water in steps grind it to a coarse consistency checking for salt. Place a spatula with a little oil in it. When heated add mustard seed to it. Once it splutters, add cumin seeds to it. Add broken red chili and finally curry leaves to it.  Switch off and add it to the ground chutney.

Great with Roti or rice. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                       Ready to serve Oregano chutney

How long it takes: 20 minutes

Number of servings: 3-4

Good to remember:

1. Use absolutely fresh leaves. Else it will be tasteless.

2. One can even use green chili in place of red chili.

3. No other spice is added for the reason that the aroma and taste of the leaves is lost.

4. One can use jaggery/sugar if needed.


6 thoughts on “Oregano leaf chutney (Dodpathre yele chutney)

    Aruna Panangipally said:
    December 11, 2014 at 9:34 pm

    This is very different and a lovely way to use oregano.

      prathibalrao responded:
      December 12, 2014 at 6:39 pm

      Hi Aruna,

      This chutney is some how different but is really welcome for a change….

    Srivalli said:
    December 12, 2014 at 11:59 am

    Sounds like a delicious chutney..I think Dodpathre is Ajwain and not Oregano..:)..

      prathibalrao responded:
      December 12, 2014 at 6:38 pm

      Hi Srivalli,

      It is Cuban oregano which is available in india and have been using it since long. Also i checked on the google too. I also found a genuine information on the blog Konkani foodie.

        Srivalli said:
        December 12, 2014 at 10:31 pm

        Thanks for the reply..:)

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