Sankashti dates for 2013

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Let me wish all the viewers of this blog a happy “Angarika sankashti” this coming Tuesday along with a Happy New Year 2013.

I take this opportunity to put up the dates for “Sankashti” for 2013 – the 6th year in succession !

Date Day of week Moon rise
1/01/2013  Tuesday(Angarika)  9:39 PM
30/01/2013  Wednesday  9:18 PM
1/03/2013  Friday  9:53 PM
30/03/2013  Saturday  9:41 PM
28/04/2013  Sunday  9:32 PM
28/05/2013  Tuesday(Angarika)  10:21 PM
26/06/2013  Wednesday  9:54 PM
25/07/2013  Thursday  9:05 PM
24/08/2013  Saturday  9:20 PM
22/09/2013  Sunday  8:36 PM
22/10/2013  Tuesday(Angarika)  8:45 PM
21/11/2013 Thursday  9:05 PM
21/12/2013 Saturday  9:30 PM

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