Vegetable Appam

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We prepare variety of appams.  I have already put up the regular Sweet Appam (sankashti parasadam), Oats Appam, Sugarcane juice appam, Plain Appam and today here goes the vegetable appam which is easy to prepare and also tasty to relish. Appams is a very popular breakfast dish among the South Indians. Here is my version of veg-appam.

Appam count: 50

How long it takes: 1 hr (after dough fermentation)

What you need to have:

1. Blackgram Dal – 1 cup

2. Bombay sujee (Upma sujee) – 1 and 1/2 cup

3. Salt – As per taste

Ingredients of Appam batter

What you do with what you have:

1. Soak Blackgram Dal in water for about 5-6 hours. Grind it in the grinder/mixer adding water in steps to a thick consistency, since on fermenting it will be just right. Add salt and allow it to ferment overnight. (Both the ground dough & the fermented dough is here below.)

Ground Blackgram dal


Fermented Blackgram dal dough

2. Dry roast Sujee adding 1 Teaspoon of coconut oil/any cooking oil on medium flame in a skillet till you get a pleasant aroma and mix it to the fermented Blackgram dal batter.

Roasted Sujee

Ingredients of Garnishing:

1. Grated carrots – 1 -2 cups

2. Chopped onions – 1/2 cup

3. Chopped Cilantro – A handul

4. Chopped Curry leaves – 2 Tablespoons

5. Chopped Green chilly & ginger – As required (optional)

Chopped veggie

3. Mix the chopped veggie to the fermented dough to which the roasted Sujee is added.  Ready veggie appam batter is as shown in the image below.

Chopped vegies being added to appam batter

4. Place an appam skillet  on medium flame .  Just add either butter or cooking oil in each of the appam mould and spread it to the top of it.  Pour Appam batter into each mould and close it with a lid allowing it to cook .  Splash oil on sides of appam mould as well.

Veggie appam being cooked

5.  Flip appam with either a blunt knife or with the back of a spatula and splash oil again till crispy and little brown in colour.

Appam being fried on the reverse

6. Enjoy with coconut chutney, Sambar or even with Amul butter.

Ready to serve Veggie Appam with coconut chutney

Good to remember:

1. Blackgram dal should be grind to a thick consistency for best results.

2. The oil is added to the roasting sujee to prevent the appam from turning sticky.

3. Please do not add water on fermentation or after adding sujee to the dough.  Thick dough is a better option for best results.


One thought on “Vegetable Appam

    Priya said:
    June 25, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Feel like having some rite now,inviting appams.

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