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About Nevri/Karanji

Karanji/Nevri is one of the most important dishes which we Hindus prepare for Ganesh Chaturthi. We prepare a host of other items for Chathurthi like Chakli, Jaggery and pop corn powder laddus, Churmi laddu, Nevri, sweet appam among others. Tamilians prepare Karanji for Krishna janmashtami. It is uncomplicated but laborious. For Nevri we have to prepare dough like that of the puris but only a little harder so that even though we fill it up with the filling it should turn out crispy after frying . The recipe seems to be very simple but still if not followed in a proper way it will be a total flop.

The filling may be different. Some people fill it with Jaggery combined with grated coconut and poppy seeds, some with copra powder(dry coconut ) with powdered sugar, cardamom but i use Fried Bengal gram dal (putani) sugar powder, cardamom and copra.

What you need to have:

– All purpose atta (Maida) – 100 grams

– Chiroti suji (Thin rava) -3 teaspoons

– Any fat like ghee or cooking oil – 5 teaspoons

– Salt to taste

Ingredients of Karanji dough
Ingredients of Karanji dough
For filling

– Putani (Roasted Bengalgram Dal) – 100 grams

– Dry Copra (Grated) – 50 grams

– Sugar – 150 grams

– Cardamom – 15

Ingredients of filling
Ingredients of filling

What you do with what you have:

1. Mix Maida, thin rava (chiroti rava) ghee and salt

2. Add required quantity of water and make the dough very hard

The ready dough

Ready dough & the pinched out balls

3. Cover it with a damp cloth and keep it aside for about 30 minutes.

4. Just warm/roast putani for about 10 minutes on a low flame with cardamom corns in it so that it also warms up and becomes easy to powder in the mixer.

5. Grate copra and also warm it on the flame till you get a pleasant aroma, make sure the colour changes a little and becomes crispy.

6. Powder Putani, copra, cardamom and sugar in the mixer to a medium coarse consistency.

Powdered filling

Powdered coarse filling

7. Pinch out small amla size balls from the dough and roll it to very thin disc of 4″in diameter.

Rolled thin chapathies and the filling placed in the middle
Rolled disc & filling placed

8. Place the filling mixture in the middle of the round rolled chapathi and close both the edges with a drop of water or milk, and cut the extra dough with the designed Karanji instrument in the image below.

Karanji being ready to cut with the instrument
Karanji & the instrument

9. Place a wide bottomed vessel on gas with cooking oil to it. When ready deep fry the ready Karanjis on both sides but make sure it doesn’t change the color as shown in the image.

Ready to serve Karanjis/Nevries

Ready to serve Karanjis/Nevries

On cooling store it in air tight containers. It remains afresh for about 15-20 days if fried in fresh cooking oil.

Number of servings: 30

How long it takes: 2 hours


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