Hurikadle Chutney Powder

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About Hurikadle Chutney powder

For a long time we have prepared a variety of dry chutney powders at home mainly as alternatives to freshly prepared (wet) chutney or other side-dishes. If we are busy and run short of time (as it used to be in my school days when there was no mixer at home either), then dry chutney powder comes in handy. Idli, Dosa and even rottis can be enjoyed with dry chutney powder.

We make more than 6 varieties of Chutney powder and here I am putting up the first of those, made from Hurikadle ( Roasted Bengal Gram Dal). It may be prepared with or without Copra(dry coconut)

What you need to have:

Ingredients of Hurikadle chutney powder
Ingredients of Chutney powder

Hurikadle – 100 grams

Grated copra – 125 grams

Chilli powder(Byadgi) – 50 grams

Asafoetida Paste(smooth) – 1″piece

Tamarind – 1″piece

Curry leaves (fresh & tender) – a handful


What you do with what you have:

1. Place a broad based bowl on gas and roast Hurikadle till crispy but do not burn.

2. Roast grated copra till you get a pleasant aroma and until crispy. As it turns light brown, add chili powder, switch off the flame and stir .

3. Roast curry leaves till crispy on low flame. Over doing this will cause the leaves to lose color, so stay by the gas all the time. (You may use the stem of curry leaves if they are tender.)

4. Place a spatula containing 1 teaspoon cooking oil on gas and fry asafoetida(Hing) in it till it becomes brown and crispy.

5. Mix all the ingredients fried/roasted into the copra-chili mixture (from step 2). Add tamarind, salt, a pinch of sugar and allow it to cool. At this point, the mixture looks as below.

Roasted /fried ingredients

Roasted/Fried ingredients

6. Grind the mixture in dry blender/mixer to a medium coarse consistency as shown in the image below.

What it looks like:

Ready chutney powder

Ready chutney powder

Store chutney powder in airtight container to ensure that it remains fresh for 3-4 months.

Note: The consistency of the chutney powder depends on the quality of Copra – sometimes copra itself being less oily (more dry) means the chutney power is dry. If the powder is too try, then you have to have it with ghee/butter so that it does not get stuck in the throat. If asafoetida paste is not available, then even powder can be used . But make sure it is fried in a little cooking oil , else it may give a raw flavour to the chutney powder.  Please DONOT use Desicated coconut powder.  The powder may turn out too dry.

How long it takes: 45 minutes


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