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    • Dear Mrs. Prathiba,
      My wife and I are very impressed with you variety of idlis. However we would like to learn from you the recipe to make Idlis with yeast as made by Mangalorian Christians. It is generally eaten with Non- vegetarian curry. Thank you

  1. Tejaswini, Amitha,

    Thanks for your suggestions. Will attend to them in the coming days.

    Btw, as must have noticed already I just put up Ghee Rice !

  2. Hello,

    thanks for all the rice recipes. wanted to know which brand of garam masala powder you used for vegetable kurma. there are a lot of brands available in the market and each one tastes different and due to it the taste of the dish changes considerably.

  3. Hi Amitha,
    I powder the garam masala items at home and i use that powder only. If needed i will put up the G.Masala powder recipe shortly.

  4. Hi Prathiba aunty

    I wanted a request a recipe for dharwad pedha. I know it is difficult get but if u get it i would be very thankful. I am 5 month pregnant that is only craving that cannot be satisfied since i stay in usa.

  5. Hello Aunty,

    When mentioning the qty of ingredients could you please post the quantities in cups/pounds instead of in grams (for ex in gram rava laddoo). Here in US it is very difficult to convert grams into ounces since most of the measuring cups have only ounces. The best ways is to mention in standard measuring cups. Thanks in advance

  6. Hi Rita,

    I think i am following the mehod of mentioning the ingredients in cups since june2008. For which recipe do you want me to mention the measurement right now? I will help u out.

  7. Hi Prathibalrao,
    Your site was very helpful specially with the dates for sankashti and moonrise time, I hope u continue to put them up.I have one more request the tomato chutney south indian style which they serve with idlis is it possible for you to send me the recipe.I would appreciate it.

  8. Hello Aunty,
    Not Exactly .. am looking for the Churmundo, authentically made in konkani households. Though i think the ingredients might be the same.

  9. Hi Prathib Mai,

    In your Recipe Type, could you add a category for ‘Konkani’ recipes. I usually search for Konkani recipes. It would be easy to look up some authentic konakni recipe, through a category just for it.



  10. Hi Prathibal,

    Recently discovered your blog, the moment I saw I can’t stop reading your blog. Nice recipes from Karnataka, keep up the good work in sharing with all of us.

    My request would be your coconut chutney I see in lot of pictures your bright green coconut chutney, can you please share it with us with tips in buying coconut too.

    I have linked you in my blog.


  11. Hi Rajani,

    I normally don’t Tamarind in any of the chutneys. I only add Bilimbi to it instead. The reason being that it is a tangy vegetabble used here in down south in most of the houses. But in the rainy season i do use Tamarind itself. The coconut is from my garden. To buy you make sure it should be neither too ripe nor too tender. Add fresh green chily and also cilantro. Also Curry leaves is from my garden , hence the freshness and the colour.

  12. Hello Mrs Rao….

    Would be great if you could post recipes of Atras(Anarasa, in Marathi) and Patti laddoo(thin chapatis of maida crumbled and bound into laddoos with sugar syrup)…Still remember relishing these delicacies made by my grandma when I was a child..Unfortunately the next generation has not been very successful in keeping up with her culinary skills :-)…thanks…

  13. Hi Pratibhaji,
    Can you post the exact procedure of making the soft rice modaks. I tried a couple of times from the recipe of other sites. But somehow, the modaks become hard.

  14. namaste madam

    i am suba from singapore. is the katsambar rice in kannada is same as rosematta rice of kerala. can u pl enlighten me . i am using rosematta rice every day for lunch.

    can u pl post the recipes for sambar powder

    than you



  15. Hi Suba,

    The rice is actually not similar to that of the one which u use for ur everyday lunch. This particular rice is ofwhite in colour and not the rosematta rice. It is par-boilde rice as it is called in Bangalore. It is not the red boiled rice. I hope i am clear. I will post sambar recipe soon.

  16. namaste madam

    thanks for ur reply. i have once more doubt, in singapore we usually get the thai brend fresh crop long grain rice. i prepared dosa using the rice but he dosa is very sticky, can u pl enlighten me how to use the fresh crop rice for cooking .



  17. Hi Suba,

    Always new rice from fresh crop turns rice to sticky. The solution for the same buy old(last year’s) rice or if not available please cook it with 1 cup rice with 1 cup water only or even less. It is only trial and error method. For old rice we add 1 for 2 or 3 cups of water for 1 cup rice. For the dosa to turn out sticky may be dal is also not of a good quality or the batter would have turned watery.

  18. namaste

    i want to prepare instant lime pickle, which is usually done in south indian marriage. can u pl tell me the method .


  19. hello aunty,
    was just browsing through blogs and came across your recipe blogs…they are awesome…aunty, can you please post sambar powder recipe?
    once again thanks a lot for sharing such yummy and authentic recipes and giving those precious cooking tips.looking forward to many more of your recipes..
    Wish U A Happy New year!!!

  20. Hi Dipti,

    At the outset lemme wish u a very happy New year.As per ur request i will post the sambar powder recipe in a couple of weeks.A request from my side –Please pass on the link to ur friends.

  21. Do you know to recipe of homemeade tomato jam? My mother used to make it. But now she has forgotten the tomato-sugar proportion. Would be great if you can help me out on this. We can’t get ready made tomato jam, have to make at home. Meanwhile, I’ll try your tomato burfi, probably its taste is somewhat like the jam I’m craving.

  22. Namaskara,

    I seached for south canara style vegitable pulav but i could not find the same. Please put up a receipe on veg.pulav pls

    • Hi Sumaiyah,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Actually I was unaware of recipes using alsi, and only recently came to know of them and tried and tested some. I have put up Alsi Chutney Powder now, and hope to put up the recipe for alsi laddoos soon. I realize that they are very nutritious and healthy, so greater the incentive to use them.

  23. namaste mam

    ur using the chilli powder in the garlic dry chutney powder preparation, pl may i know the amount of dry chilli to be use in the above preparation . because i prefer to use roast the dry chilli. just give the approximate quantity. thank u. iam eargly awaiting for ur sambar powder.



  24. Hello Mrs.Rao,
    I am so impressed with your blog site.I made the paper masala dosa recipe and it was a big hit.Now am able to eat hotel style Masala Dosa without leaving my house.Can you blog some raw jackfruit kootu/sambar recipe?Some of my relatives are from North Canara and I love the jackfruit kootu they used to make at home.It will be good if you can blog any jackfruit based savoury dishes.
    thank you

  25. Hi Suparna ,

    Please refer to my post dated 27/09/2008, under the category North indian dishes. You can find it there. Prepare it and lemme know.

  26. hi aunty,
    Thank you.i willtry it and surely let u kne.i tried ur recipe for almond burfi and i had just one small problem tat was the burfi mix became a bit powder like so i cldnt exactly cut it into pieces like a burfi should be cut.could u plz tell me y it bcame like that? otherwise it was just great.Thanks for this easy recipe.also i wanted 2 knw if kaju burfi is prepared in the same manner?

  27. Hi Suparna,

    The reason for the burfi to powder would be either the Almonds are old or it is over done. If the Almonds are old use 2 Teaspoons of more ghee when it is about to be done.

  28. Just a comment – the Recipe index does not seem to show the complete list for me (the ones you posted in April 2009 dont seem to show up)… Does anyone else the problem?

  29. Thanks Dinkar for your alert. You should see them all now. I will try to keep that page up to date in the future :)

  30. I recently had a dry chutney powder from Konkan… red chilly powder, mixed with coconut and garlic and some other ingredients. Can you tell me what this is called and how it can be made?

    • Hi Shubha,

      I have also put up dry Garlic chutney powder on this blog. Just go thru it .This powder can be used to spread it as masala for masala dosa , in place of the wet garlic chutney!!!! Please check.

  31. namaskara pratibaji,

    this is a great site and is really very very helpful site. thankyou. could you please give me the recipe for ‘ biscuit roti’ a typical udupi snack. i would love to make it for my get togethers where usually north indian and gujrati snacks are made. i am at a loss when asked about konkani snacks or farsaans….

    thank you


  32. Hello i had requested the tomato chutney recipe that is served with idli but i do not see it as yet can u pls put it up and send me the link

  33. dear pratibha ji, namaskara, i am vidya. i visit your site regularly and it is like a real guideline. am still waiting eagerly for the biscuit roti recipe. also could you please post the recipes for ‘nippat’ and ‘dusshana’ ie sweet idly made with rice sooji, jaggery and curd (with coconut )….


    • Hi Vidya,

      Thanx a lot for ur comments. I have posted Nippat on this blog dated 4th January 2009. Please check it up. I will surely post ur reques for Biscuit rotti soon. Please lend me a little more time , since i will post Janmashtami laddu in a couple of days. Later i will surely post ur request recipe. Sorry for the delay.

      • hello prathibaji, thank you for the prompt reply. yes, Janmashtami ladddu will be a real help. Checked out the nippattu recipe. will try itout and let you know.
        thank you once again.


      • Hi Vidya,

        Ur request for “Dudsann ” will also be posted soon (My be before Ganesh chathurthi. Thanx a lot. tc.

      • happy independence day !! the janmasthami laddoos look real yum !! and also the ‘oobat’ have to try it out !! the parwal subzi came out great ( i made it with padval kai)

        thank you !!

      • Hi Vidya,

        Good that u tried with the snake guard(Padvalkai) I did’t get you what is that oobat?????????? Happy independence day to u as well!!!!!!! Tc

      • Hi Brenda,

        I checked out , will try it out and put it up some time later, but surely before christmas :) . Thanx a lot 4 da information.

      • YES and Thank You for your quick reply.
        I just love your site and Thanks for your sons who is making this possible.


  34. i am sorry , by ‘oobat’ i meant ‘holige’ . bangaloreans refer to holige as oobat. and we konkanis say ‘oonbatti’

    • Hi Vidya,

      Holige recipe is also long over due. It is also a request recipe. I will surely put it up. But i need some time.

  35. Mam,
    All your receipes are awesome. The ingredients used are readily available and easy to prepare. Mam can you tell us where we get the tawa which you are using to cook dosas.

    • Hi Banu,

      The tawa which i use for Dosas is made of Cast iron and is available in North Karnataka. Places like Sagar, Shimaga, Sirsi, and even Bijapur etc., It is really helpful!!!!

  36. Hi,
    Could you please post the reciepe of Godi uri ittu. This is a sweet powder type of dish made of Wheat atta and jaggery. very famous in north karnataka and hubli side. I have heard this is very good for health and very good for kids. They also make unde(balls) out of this.
    And also please post the receipes of various unde’s(sweet balls) like shenga unde(groundnut sweet ball) yellunde(sesame balls) which are made out of jaggery and good for health.

  37. Hi Pratibha,

    Thanks for the mouth watering recipes u share wid us. I would like to request for some microwave recipes, specially cooking vegetables.

    If u have some in ur jukebox pls do share wid us.


  38. Dear Pratibhaji,

    Can you post some simple yet tasty pasta and noodles recipes? Would appreciate it…


    best regards,
    Sangeeta Joardar

    • Hi Mahesh,

      i have already put up varieties of chakli, dhokla, sukhdi, maida-sujee burfi etc., Surely will post ur request recipes soon

  39. Hi Mrs Rao,

    I like trying new recipes and Iam going to try okra dosa which I never heard.
    Can you please post the recipe for traditional Baigan(Badenekai Palaya) curry which goes well with Jawar roti.


  40. Hi pratibha aunty,
    Can you pls put up the recipe on dry jamun and tomato pickle for me? i think your blog lacks a few pickle recipes right? I tried the churmi laddoos for diwali this time,it was just great,everybody liked it back home.

    • Hi Anjali,

      I will surely put up your request for the tomato pickle recipe soon. But for dry jamoon recipe it could take some time. Thanx for ur feed back on Churmi laddoos. One more thing i have not put up any recipes of pickles at all till now as you said.

  41. Hi Prathiba

    As I have mentioned before, I really like you recipes because you give full details and tips to ensuring it works!

    Xmas is coming up – do you have a recipe for kulkuls


    • Hi Brenda,

      I didn’t get you at all. What do you mean by kulkuls?????Please either lemme know the other name for it or the ingredients for it as a clue for the recipe.

      • Hi Prathiba

        There is no other name for it :-) It is a popular Goan Xmas sweet…made with flour, eggs, coconut milk. Small balls of dough are flattened and rolled on a fork (or kulkul form) to get the spiral effect and then deep fried.


  42. Some requests for recipes ( sorry if there are quite a few!)
    Sanne idli ( Coorgi recipe), Surnali ( sweet and the spicy one), in mango season – ambe gozzu, and one more dish they make with mango,pineapple – sasam.

  43. HELLO Mrs. Prathiba,

    • Hi Amamdeep,

      I have already put it up on this blog. The link being 14/05/2008 onion uthappam. just check recipe index on this blog.



    • Hi Chandrika,

      Please lend me some time, since there are so many request recipes i really fine it very difficult to promise the time limlt. I will surely put up ur request soon!!!!

      • no it is plain sanna .. made like idly… a goan recipe i think… i had it once long ago. made with rice coconut and yeast (authentically toddy is used )… if possible do post the recipe. thanks…

    • Hi Anjali,

      That Masalawali picke with little vinegar etc., no????????Isn’t it that???????? I will post in a couple of week and mail u.

  45. dear mrs prathibha i am from tamil nadu. my favourite is aloo paratha. i tried ur recipe. it came out nicely. i want to know how to make chennai special vada kari with set dosa. thank you.

  46. hi pratibha mai
    happy ugadi!!!
    u have a lovely blog with all the amchigelele recipes.
    thankyou for posting the dates for sankashti .
    all ur recipes remind me of my moms cooking. i have a request ….is it possible for u to post a recipe drumstick pakoda or bhajo as they say in konkani??
    thank you and my regards to u and ur family.

  47. HI Pratibha,
    My husband likeed your burfi recipes a lott..
    Im newly married and I have been using store bought huli pudi and sambar powder which both of us(me & husband) are not cherishing.
    I would like to learn huli pudi and samabr pudi from you.
    I tried you vangibath pudi recipe and it came out well…
    please post huli pudi and sambar pudi recipe interms of cups measurement(if the recipe is interms of cups and gms together ,it would be difficult to follow)

    thanks a lot in advance..
    looking forward for your reply and recipe..


    • Hi Vanitha,

      I have already put up Sambar powder recipe with cup measurements. I have put up Avrekai Melogara recipe (Which is nothing but huli)I will shortly put up Huli powder recipe of ur request.

  48. Hi Prathiba

    Do you have a recipe for ‘sannas’ – preferrably made with yeast and not toddy (which we cannot get here)


    • Hi Brenda,

      Its long time i have heard fom u at all. I didn’t get your reques for the recipe the word “Sannas” at all. Please explain in detail.

      • Hi Prathiba

        It is a Goan/Manglorean preparation of idlis – without urid dal but with coconut and yeast/toddy


  49. Hi Prathiba

    Do you have an recipe for ‘sannas’ – preferrably made with yeast (and not toddy, which we cannot get here)


  50. hi aunty. will u please put in ur blog how to make veg spring rolls wit less oil.its my favourite….. please

  51. Hi,

    Can you post recipe of raw mango thambuli? I tried Raagi manni and it came out very well. Everyone at home finished it off in no time :) Thanks a lot


    • Hi Maya,

      Thanx for ur feed back which is always welcome. Thanx a lot once again. I will surely post the recipe soon if i get raw mango now since the season is coming to a close.

  52. Hi Aunty,
    I wanted the recipe for potato finger chips. I tried doing it as explained in other blogs. But ended up with soft ones.. it was not crispy. :( Can you please tell me how to make crispy finger chips?

  53. Hi, I was checking your website. i like your oat idli. i dont understand one thing. what is bombay sujee? can you pls. tell me .


    • Hi Swati,

      Bombay sujee is the normal upma sujee. It is called by different names in different places like we call it Bombay sujee and in Bangalore-Mysore people call it local sujee. We also have another sujee which is Kesari sujee and we call it by the name Bansi sujee(wheat sujee which is yellow in colour) Any way i have shown it in the pictorial of “Oat idly” no, i hope i am clear.

  54. hi aunty,

    I studied in Manipal and worked in Blore for a long time. now we live in sydney. I have been missing those Udupi Magalorian dishes for a long time ..we just dont get that regional dishes elsewhere. I am making your palak paratha tonight and I love the way the blog is set up with ample illustrations in each step.

    many thanks for the blog

    • Hi Parvathy Ravikumar,

      Thanx a lot for your comments. Do try out some of them of your choice and send me the feed back please.

    • Hi Banumathi ,

      I have posted Akki roti long back and few like the capsicum roti, Avrekalu roti, carrot roti, Jwari roti have been posted. Please check.

  55. hello mam,I have tried few recipesof yours and they have come out well.I want you to share the recipe of pineapple maenasu (as they say in konkani)and in kannada they say mudhuli ,which is served during weddings.Some add grapes or mango instead of pineapple depending upon the season. Eagerly waiting for the recipe from you.

    • Hi Aparna,

      I have put up the same recipe dated 27/02/2009. You may refer to the recipe index.I have used raw wild mangoes instead of Grapes, pineapple etc..,

  56. I was in need of recipies of pav bhaji nd paneer ghee roast prathibha akka!!! your recipies r vry nice!!! nd ur measurements r also exact!! so i usually refer dis website to pepare smthng in my house !!! veenamai told me abt dis website!! hey did u cm to know who m i??? I m daughter of submam, jayakka’s bro !!! pls can u add those recipies here??

  57. Dear Pratibha jee…
    Could you please put up Uttapam recipe. I love them and want to try them at home
    Haldwani (Uttarakhand)

  58. i am really thankful to u for this wonderful site, which is a treasure traditional konkani food….i really love this site !!! pratibha maayi, can u plz post recipe for karate kismuri and surna taambude

    • Hi Sandhya bhat,

      I have posted it as Bitter gourd kosambari. The link is
      http/…2008/03/11 Bitter- gourd- kosambari -fried mmasala mixture.

  59. have been looking all over for the red sambar receipe that we get with MASALA DOSA in the BANGALORE hotels !!

    would be very grateful if you could help me out


  60. hello.. madam..
    Iam srilakshmi from eenadu-etv group hyderabad. we have a special recepie column every week in our womens page. if you are interested you csn contribute to us.. the recepie and the photograph. if you are interested you can call me.
    thank u. my numbre is: 8008554001

  61. Hello,
    My request is a strange one as I do not know the offical name… my local spice shop sells little bags of these very salty, sweet and sour (chinese)? fruit in its juice. The fruit is like a small dried prune which has a stone (pip) inside. The fruit marinates in this salty, sweet sour juice and is a very tangy and delicious snack to suck on. Please help me.

    • Firstly, apologies for an extremely delayed reply. Somehow, I just missed seeing some of the comments on this page.
      I’m not sure of what you’re talking, there could be many varieties that are stored as pickled fruits and vegetables. Maybe a photograph would help.

  62. Hi i love this website…. its really very useful..will you please send the recipe of soth indian coconut chutney exactly like KAMAT or UDUPI style .. i always prepare chutney with coconut.. garlic chilli and fried gram daal.. and some times pudina but the taste of hotel chutney is very different… do u knw the recipe????? waiting for u r reply…

    • Hi Shabana,

      I have put up a variety of wet chutneys. You may please go thru the same by clicking wet chutney in the search box. I hope i am clear.

  63. Hi i am very much impressed with your blog…. i daily check u r recipes… as i told u earlier i am new to this site.. few days back only i got to knw abt itt and i want to go through each and every recipe of urs.. how can i view all the recipes … pls advise..

    • Hi Shabana,

      Once you enter the blog you can click on each item on the right hand side of the blog under the heading Recipe type you can click on any item and you wil reach whatever you wish to c.

  64. Hello Aunty!

    Just wanted to thank you on the fabulous blog you have put together! Extremely useful for Mangalorean students like me who are out of their hometown for studies. I came across your blog when I was searching for an orientation on the different type of dals. Could you please put up a small orientation about the different types of masalas that are commonly used in your recipes.

    Thank you

  65. Hello! we are hoping you can help us – My daughter just studied India in her 6th grade Social studies class, and they are looking to create an Indian feast this coming Friday. Do you know of any quick, easy recipes for Indian food – I’m thinking maybe Indian street food, that can be made ahead and brought to class? We’re already planning to bring in a chai tea drink, but need something else –
    Thank you so much in advance!!

    • Hi Karen

      Hope Prathiba doesn’t mind me butting in like this :-) Some ideas: at the local Indian Grocery store you can pick up prepackaged Indian snacks – they should be able to tell you which ones are not spicy. They would also be able to tell you where you can pick up ‘Samosas’ which are always a hit in N.America. Also ask about Indian ‘Mithai’, i.e. sweets/desserts that are bite sized (like petit fours) – one suggestion is ‘boondi ladoo’.

      Hope this helps


  66. Hi Ma,
    This is not really a recipe request. As I am getting introduced to Konkani cooking, I hear all these names being bandied about – Bhuthi, Sukkhe, Sagle, Gashi, and the like. Is it possible for you to put up a post detailing the attributes of these dishes and the differences between them. I believe it has something to do with coriander seeds, methi seeds (fenugreek) and other ingredients in the masala. Will really look forward to a note from you about this.

    • Hi Haru dear,

      For Ambat – Ingredients of Wet Masala : Fresh grated coconut, Red chilly, Tamarind(a pinch)or Bilimbi, Turmeric powder (south canara style) an addition of coriander seeds fried in oil to be added to the masala(north casnara style)

      For Bhuthi – Ingredients of Wet Masala : Fresh grated coconut, Tamarind or (Bilimbi)and Raw coriander seeds and Turmeric powder, Red chilly,

      For Sagle – ingredients of Wet Masala: Fresh grated coconut, Turmeric powder, Red chilly, coriander seeds and and few Fenugreek seeds(fried in oil), Tamarind or Bilimbi

      For Sukkhe – Ingredients of Wet masala : Fresh grated coconut, Tamarind or Bilimbi, Turmeric powder, coriander seeds and fried Black gram dal(fried in oil)

      For Ghashi : Ingredients of wet Masala: Fresh grated coconut, Turmweic power, Tamarind or Bilimbi and Season it with Mustard seeds, Fenugreek seeds(say 5in number) and curry leaves.or onmion seasoning.

      For Kodhel: Ingredients of Wet masala : Fresh grated coconut, more of Red chilli, Tamarind and turmeric powder. Seasoning with Garlic will be a better option. This dish is always spicy(A monsoon delight)

      Harini i hope i have made you clear and if any doubt please lemme know and i will surely clarify.

  67. hi prathibalrao,
    hi,thank u ,i prepared oat idli, my hubby loved it.can i get reciepe for bele hobbattu and saaru.


  68. Could someone give me a recipe for Sanna’s without using toddy (since i am working in the Middle East, no toddy available here)

  69. Great blog! I am trying to make a sort of chex mix recipe that calls for hurigadale or puffed chickpeas. Do you know where I could find that? or another name for it?

    Also, I would love some suggestions for other chex mix type recipes.

    Thank you!

  70. Fantastic easy step by step receipes. Breakfast is always a problem. Upma, idlis, etc are the common ones. Can you give us a variety in breakfast.


    • Hi Sadhana,

      You find on the right hand side of the blog under the heading “Recipe types” varies categories mentioned and you may click on the Breakfast items and you get the answer . Please check it up.

  71. Hi

    Years ago in England, I used to frequent an excellent Indian restaurant that served, as a house specialty, a chicken dish called murug surur. ‘Murug’ referred to the chicken, I guess, and I believe that the word ‘suroor’ means something along the lines of passion, and true to it’s word I absolutely adored it! But try as I might, I’ve never tracked down the recipe. Can you help, or is this perhaps an individual chef’s secret?

    • Hello Andrew,

      Murg refers to chicken and that’s all I can offer. I am a vegetarian and my repertoire only includes vegetarian dishes. There are many other websites on Indian non-vegetarian cooking, I’m sure you’ll find something close to your favourite craving.

    • Hi Sruja,

      I am a vegetarian and only know to cook vegetarian dishes. Hope you enjoy the dishes here, but you will have to look elsewhere for the non-vegetarian recipes.

  72. Your blog is wonderful! Exactly the kind of cooking instruction for which I’ve searched for years! Simple Indian food, 1 or 2 main ingredients, a couple spices and clear easy instructions. Finally, cooking help for people who can’t cook! Thank you so much!!!

  73. Pratibha Pacchi,
    Superb recipes.
    Can you post some recipes without using coconut for Kalvan. I always have problems preparing kalvan, Dalitoi, Saru, Sambar, Gashi, Ambot, etc then what is the question always.
    Your recipes are mind blowing. I know some of them others will definately try.


  74. I’ll be happy if you post “how to make Vegetable Biryani”.I never succeed in making the dish successfully.Please help….

    • Hi Rajini,
      You can not replace beaten rice for Par-boiled rice please. Why is not available at your place????

  75. You have so many wonderful recipes…..Is it possible to organize the recipes in some order ( main ingredient-wise? )as this would help when searching for a recipe? Thanks

  76. Hi Prathiba,
    Hi Prathiba,
    Great job. Excellent recipes. Keep up your good work.
    I have a question, what is the difference between baking soda, soda bicarb, and cooking soda? If there is any difference when should we use baking soda, and when should we use soda bicarb. and cooking soda? Please let me know.


    • Hi Chandra, I’m not sure if you got a response from Pratibha ji, as I guess, she must be extremely busy with the site related work. Meanwhile, I hope, she wouldn’t mind me butting in too. To get answers for your doubts pertained to leavening agents you have mentioned , please, do visit the sites I have linked below;

  77. Hi Prathiba,

    I tried the vegetable kurma, really its vry super.. Yummy, please put me a recipe on goongara chutney without using the garlic.

    Radha G.Rao

  78. just saw your blog, looks creative and beautiful. I wanted a step by step recipe of kachoris. If you could post that, it would be great. Thanks.

  79. Hello Pratibha Aunty, I’m a young girl and learning to cook through all your reciepes here. I have tried some in the past and they have come out so tasty. Thank you so much and i would like to ask you to kindly post me a plain carrot bhaji reciepe with pepper powder. I would appreciate it a lot. Also, on this website of yours the “search” tool has somehow dissaperead and i find it hard to search for particular reciepes that i need. Could you pls. get it back so that searching reciepes would be much more easier. Thanks again

  80. Hi Prathiba,

    Yesterday I prepared your South Indian Sambhar. It came out well. It really tastes good without any sambar powder. Thanks for ur recipe


  81. Hello,

    Would it possible to provide one or two photos of your best food pictures for a Konkani function ad? Once done, I will send you a copy to you too. Thank you.


    • Hi Dinkar,

      I am definitely agreeable to sending photographs to you. However I need some time, as I’m busy tending to other pressing matters currently. When do you need the photographs by? I will need a few days – upto one week to be able to focus on this matter.


      • Hi Pratibha:

        If you can get it by next Saturday (October 14th or Oct. 15th) – that will be great.


  82. Dear Auntie,

    I absolutely love your blog and refer very often to it. The semiya laddoo is going to be my diwali sweet this year, its so simple to make and looks delicious.
    I was wondering if you could post a recipe for stuffed karela, that is easy to make. Thank you in advance :-)
    Happy Diwali to you and uncle!

    PS: The blog looks lovely in the new avatar!

  83. Hello Auntie..

    I happened to see your blog while i was searching for some recipes.. Really a very nice blog & soo very useful for learners like me :) . Thanks for spending your time on this & publishing it.

    I would like to know recipes for preparing “Raagi Mudde”, the mysore, mandya style.. Though i can find many links for this on net, I would like to refer you blog before i do it for my husband the first time :) . Please let me know.


  84. Hi, I hv been following ur recipes and and methods given are very easy to follow.. can u please give the recipe for Uchellu chutney and Uchellu chutney pudi. Thankyou in advance.

  85. hi pratibha.i visited ur website 1st time.m impressed.its so easy to understand with images.can u plz put the north indian curry recipe using lassi not curd.

  86. Could you pls put up the recipe of ‘kuven pitta dooddali’. It is one of those rare konkani recipes. So my wish to see it documented on your blog before it becomes extinct. If possible pls write a short introductionn to kuven peet. I still don’t know what grain it is made from.
    At a friends place in udupi I had eaten a sweet dish made of ‘mudgo’ for prasad. It was a bit like ‘god pohu’. never eaten it since. My mother from Mlore doesn’t even know what it is.. could you pls blog abt it if you know.

  87. Love your recipes…. and hence this comment – A lighter background color would greatly help in reading your recipe index. Your recipes seem very unique and authentic and I love testing them out!

  88. Hi Pratihba,

    Requesting you for the receipe of Pine apple Gojju, ASAP…..

    Hope i m getting the details how to prepare it.


    Radha G.Rao

  89. Hi Pratibha-
    I love your posts! Your pictures and posts are great for a beginner like me!
    Can you show me how to make the coconut chutney commonly eaten with dosas and a Swaminarayan-friendly version, if possible :) (No garlic, onions, or hing)

  90. hi pratibha,
    i am anu frm udupi but nw settled in blore…..loved yr site with such details & step wise recipe…….i love exploring diff region foods…being vegetarian i like to do some experiments on foods…..i love chinese & italian food a lot…..i am looking for chilled creame pasta salad….cn u pls share the recipe of it…thanks a lot !!!!

  91. Dear Pratibha,

    I avoid making cabbage sannapolo because the recipe calls for plenty of coconut to be added.And that’s not a healthy combination.In any case thats how my mother and m-i-law made the sannapolo. I tried out your recipe today and the outcome was superb.All around the table everyone were congratulating me.Of course I did tell them that I was only following the recipe on your website.

    Thank you



    • Hi Usha,

      I always use minimum coconut to make the dosa crispy with lot of onions and chopped fine cabbage!!!!!!!!!!Thanx a lot for ur feed back. Do pass on the link of this blog among your friends community.

  92. Hi,,,i tried preparing paneer butter masala so many times..but i didnt get the exact receipe..can you let me know…i love it so much

  93. Hi Pratibha,
    Please post recipe of Patole made in Turmeric Leaves.
    Also Raw Jackfruit Bhaaji.
    Thanks in advance:)

  94. can you please post the recipe for surti plaza. I once happened to taste it from food court but I could not find the recipe anywhere online. it is samosa like slightly sweet savoury. it is a type of surti farzan

    • Hi Shubha,

      You can make “Dinkache laddoo” for sure which is an ideal delicacy for the new mother i feel. Of course i have not yet put it up though i have it in my diary.

  95. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really helpful & it helped me out much.
    I hope to provide one thing again and help others such as you aided me.

  96. Hi prathiba,

    wonderful blog, thanks, please could you tell me what do we call the “mustard dal” in kannada, that you added to pickles, and where can i get it?

    • Hi Bhavana,

      It is “Sasive bele”(uppina kayige hakodu) in kannada. It is available in any provision stores or super bazars as well. Please do pass on the link of this blog among your friends community. This blog has a face book page too!!!

    • Hi recetas de entrantes,

      Thanx a lot for your comments. Do pass on the link of this blog among your family & friends community.

  97. Hi Prathiba

    On another site (Ayi’s recipes) you had given this hint for ‘Neer Dosa': “i would like to share a hint to make crispy, pearly neer dosa with all. If you add a handful of sabudana (sabakki) to rice while grinding, you can make tasty, pearly dosa” Can you please clarify – do you soak the sabudana with the rice or just add it to the presoaked rice before grinding.


  98. Pratibaji,

    I have noticed in your photographs that your vegetables are diced so evenly and well. Do you use any kind of slicer for chopping your vegetables?If so, please, can you share a picture of the slicer. Thanks!


    • Hi Savi,

      I use a kitchen veg cutter and is named as”Fantastique” by Anjali. I will put up the picture in a couple of days!!!!

  99. Hi
    Love your recipes. Thank you for providing step by step pics which really helps! Quick question – I want try your Crispy chana dal chivda/snack and am looking for the holed spatula to try the daal but can’t seem to find it. Please let me know where to purchase one.

    Thank you


  100. Thank you for your response. I am in the US. Are there any shops or online stores from where I may purchase the holed spatula?

    Thank you


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