Bread Jamun

You are going to love this one ! It is one of the most popular sweets and is available widely and can be prepared throughout the year. One advantage of preparing them at home is that the sugar syrup that we prepare at home to dip the fried jamun in can be prepared based our tastes rather than put up with the often very strong/sweet ones that are commercially available in restaurants and sweet stalls. Actually, my mom was preparing jamuns from scratch which I will surely put up in a couple of weeks but this jamun is really unique and tastes great and very easy to prepare as well.  It is a recipe for starters as well since there are hassles of kneading and mixing.

What you need to have:

1. Bread slices – 12

2. Sugar – 1/2  cup

3. Cooking oil/ghee – 1 cup

4. Saffron strands/Cardamom – A few/ 4-5

Ingredients of Bread Jamun

What you do with what you have:

1. Just cut the edges of the each bread slice and keep it aside.

Edges of the bread slices being scrapped

2. Just dip each slice in water and squeeze out extra water from it make round balls from each slice of bread.

Bread slice being round shaped by dipping it in water

3. Just place a spatula with 1/2 cup cooking oil/pure ghee on medium flame. When heated fry bread balls from step 2 in it till light brown.

Bread balls being fried

4. On being fried they are as shown in the image below.

Bread balls being fried to brown

5.  Place a bowl with 1/2 cup cup sugar and water so that just the water level is 1/2″ above the sugar level.  When it boils just switch off the flame and add saffron strands to it. Place fried jamun from step 4 into it and let it swell absorbing the syrup. Enjoy either at room temperature or chilled. Ready to serve Bread Jamun is as shown in the image below.  Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, but as fatty/unhealthy as it gets, so keep to limits :)

Ready to serve Bread Jamun

Good to remember:

1. Do not dip bread slice in water for long since the slices will dissolve in water in no time.

2. Always fry jamun in oil/ghee on low flame once the oil is heated else the outer layer of jamun will get burnt and will not cook from inside.

3. Do  not make sugar syrup too strong/sweet.

4. Push the remaining jamun in the fridge so that it can even be served chilled.

5. Add fried hot jamun directly into the syrup. You don’t have to wait for it to cool.

How long it takes: 30 mins

Number of servings: 3-4

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20 thoughts on “Bread Jamun

  1. WOW..cannot believe my eyes made this heavenly delicious sweet with the gosh..looks incredible..thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi PAchi,

    Woww this is amazing, for the first time I’m trying the recipe and then posting the comments. I read the recipe ran to the kitchen and made them immediately as I had all the ingredients handy. My son gobbled up the whole bowl, I had to drive him out of the kitchen.

    I’m awaiting the dahi vada recipe using bread.



  3. Dear Pratibha jee…
    i tried pesarattu and bread jamun 2day…pesarattu turned out gr8 but in Bread Jamun the syrup dint reach the insided of the fried bread balls…wht cud hv been the reason….i followed all the step as put up by u…

    • i have the same problem with bread jamuns…..Pratibha aunty please tell us what cud have the reason ? :( …waiting for ur reply !!! as i hve to try it out on dis rakhi festival for my brother !! he loves gulab jamuns !!

      Vishakha :)

      • Hi Vishaka,

        It depends upon the bread you use. I used the one day old bread and it was fine. But when i used the fresh bread it was some what little harder. Just try either way.

  4. I had left over sugar syrup which I was trying to make use of. I found this bread jamun recipe andI tried it. Wow It came out very well. Now I have fallen in love with this one than normal jamun. It’s so easy and so tasty.

    • Hi Sumana ,

      Welcome to the blogging world!!!!!!!!!Your recipes are really grea8. Keep up the good work. Thanks for dropping in. Tc. I am prathiba from “The indian food court”.

      Love prathiba

      • Thanks for dropping in to my blog. Keep visiting and keep commenting please. Would require your guidance

      • Hi Sumana,

        Thanx for dropping by to my blog and commenting to encourage me to serve you all better!!!!!!!!!!1

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