Mixed Atta Burfi – Post no. 300 !

And so here comes Mixed Atta Burfi. This is the 10th variety of Burfi I am putting up on this blog after – Sesame burfi, Milk burfi, Almond burfi, Seven cup burfi, Maida-suji burfi, Besan Burfi, Tomato Burfi, Coconut Burfi and Peanut Burfi ! This is a very simple burfi though which I learnt  from my Gujrati friend back in Assam over 17 years ago.  It is made of a mixture of both wheat atta and chickpeas atta with a bit of roasted peanut powder, jaggery and pure ghee.

As you read above, this is the 300th recipe on this blog. Thanks all for keeping me going all this long !

What you need to have:

1. Wheat atta – 3/4 cup

2. Chick peas atta –  1/2 cup

3. Peanuts – 1/4 cup

4. Chopped Jaggery – 1 cup

4. Pure ghee – 3/4 cup

5. Cardamom – 4-5

Ingredients of Mixed atta burfi

What you do with what you have:

1. Sieve both the atta in the atta siever separately and keep aside.

2. Place a skillet on medium flame with wheat atta in it. Keep stiring till you get a pleasant aroma. Make sure you do not burn it since you dry roast it. Transfer it to a newspaper to cool down.

Wheat atta being dry roasted

3. Place the same skillet on medium flame and roast chick peas atta in it till you get a pleasant aroma. Transfer elsewhere and let it cool.

Chick peas atta being roasted

4. Roast peanuts till you get a pleasant aroma. On cooling, peal and powder it in the mixer to a medium coarse consistency as shown in image 1.

5. Chop jaggery. Peal and powder cardamom as well. On cooling mix both the atta with your hands.

Roasted mix of both the atta

6. Mix chopped jaggery from step 4 to the atta mix from step 5 with your hands in such a way that it gets mixed well. Add peanut powder and cardamom powder from step 4 to it as well.

Jaggery atta peanut mix

7. Place a skillet with pure ghee in it on medium flame. Allow it to heat well.

Pure ghee being heated

8. When it smokes add the atta-jaggery-peanut mix from step 6 to it and switch off the flame immediately.

Atta-peanut-jaggery mix added to hot ghee

9. Grease a plate with ghee and pour in the mix and mark it with a knife to required shape and size.

Burfi mix poured in a plate and cut

10. 0n cooling store it in airtight containers and it will remain fresh for more than 15 days.

A closer look at the Burfi

How long it takes: 45 minutes

Number of Burfis: 15

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14 thoughts on “Mixed Atta Burfi – Post no. 300 !

  1. Congrats on your 300th post..Can you please post some pickles on your blog, especially the maavina midi variety of pickle which is quite popular in Karnataka.

  2. Hi Pachi,

    Thanks for all your sweets recipes, I try every single of them. Its very handy esp when kids are growing up. I make sweets and give it to them in their lunch box for some instant energy (esp the jaggery ones).
    Kindly keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Pachi,

    Nice Web design, again Kudos to you and your sons. Was a busy with office work but regularly visit your site. In my office they call me “Indian food court” so you can imagine how much I’m addicted to your dishes :)

    Have passed on this site to many amchis in Bahrain, hope you get many web hits.

    Best regards,

    Shilpa Rao

    • Hi Shilpa,

      Thanx a lot for all your wishes which i always crave for. Of course i do get some comments from there.

  4. Wowie .. superb recipe Aunty and one using jaggery, I too tried out an attat burfi taking cues from my mother’s burfi recipe. It uses sugar/atta and milk powder. I will try this one too surely.

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