Ugadi Greetings !

Thats March 16th this year.

What I am putting up today – Sanjeera – is often prepared during Ugadi. Sanjeera is nothing but sweet sheera stuffed in the paratha. I have already put up two stuffed aweet parathas :  Ellu holige and Soyi poli (Kayi holige).  This is the special delicacy of the annadigas of south Kanara. Other than Ugadi, among the Kannadigas it is also prepared during Sathyanarayana pooja for Prasadam along with Sapatha.

What you need to have:

1. Semolina (Chiroti Rava) -1 cup

2.Sugar – 1 and 1/4 cup

3. Pure ghee – 1/2 cup

4. Water to cook sujee – 2 cups

5. Saffron – A few strands

Ingredients of Sanjeera stuffing

What you do with what you have:

1. Place a skillet with 1/2 cup pure ghee in it on the flame. When it melts, add chiroti sujee in it and fry till you get a pleasant aroma.  Place a bowl with required quantity of water on medium flame and bring it to boil.

Chiroti sujee being fried in pure ghee

2. When fried add sufficient quantity of boiling water from step 1 to it and cook it till soft.

Sujee being cooked in water till smooth

3. Add required quantity of sugar and keep stiring.

Sugar being added to cooked sujee

4. When sugar melts and combines with sujee, dissolve saffron strings in warm water and add it to the mix.  The sweet stuffing is ready now.

Sweet stuffing

6. On cooling, make round balls of required size.

Stuffing being shaped into round balls

Ingredients of the outer dough:

1. Maida/All purpose flour – 1 cup

2. Turmeric powder – 1 Teaspoon

3. Oil to make the dough – 5-6 Teaspoons

4. Salt – To taste

Ingredients of outer dough

7. Sieve maida, salt and turmeric powder in the siever and add water making a soft dough. Later add requisite quantity of oil to make a paliable, elastic dough. Pinch out the required quantity of the dough and roll it. Place the stuffing balls from step 6 into it ( see image below).

The outer dough, pinched out ball, rolled roti and the stuffing being placed in the roti

8.  Place the stuffing in the rolled roti, fold the outer edges as shown in the above image and shape it round like a ball. Roll it on a thick plastic sheet dusting in the plain flour like a paratha to the required thickness as shown in the image below.

Sanjeera being rolled

9. Place a dosa griddle on medium flame and splash a little ghee on it. On the ghee melting place the rolled Sanjeera on it and fry it.

Sanjeera being roasted

10. When it is fried just flip it, splash a little ghee and fry it on the reverse. It puffs up. Fry till done.

Sanjeera being fried on the reverse

11. Ready to serve Sanjeeras are shown below.

Ready to serve Sanjeeras

Number of Sanjeeras: 12-15 of the above size

How long it takes: 1 hour

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18 thoughts on “Sanjeera

  1. Thanks a lot. This is a recipe I am looking for. We call it as Mangalore boli which is available over the counter at A2B . I will surely make it. thanks once again. the name is as delicious as the boli. sanjeera. vow.

  2. Wishing u n ur near ones a Happy Ugadi, the Sanjeera looks real soft n melt-in-mouth types! Tks for sharing this lovely recipe! All ur dishes are truly mouth the SK fare by you.

    • Hi Purnima,

      My wishes to u and ur family for “Ugadi.” This is the easiest of the sweet stuffed flat bread but yet yummyyyyy!!!!!

  3. Pratibha – Congratulations! your blog is getting better every day.
    its now over 2.5 years I suppose…more robust, colourful, great pictures and easy to use instructions! great stuff!! keep it going


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