Uchellu chutney powder(Dry)


Today I would like to put up Niger seeds chutney powder and that make it the sixth variety of chutney powders on this blog ! People enjoy this powder, much like other powders, with Jwari roti and chapathi.

Niger seeds in English – that is Uchellu/Gurellu in kannada. These seeds are used in masalas by the people of North Karnataka. They resemble the black cumin seeds but are soft and slippery. It is an eseential ingredient in most curries and especially in the masalas for Yengai – Masala stuffed in Egg plant/Brinjal. Their importance is similar to the use Peanuts in the Masalas from Maharashtra and coconut in Southern Karnataka.

What you need to have:

1. Niger seeds – 1 cup

2. Copra grated – 4 tablespoons

3. Garlic pods – 25-30

4. Fresh corriander leaves chopped – 1 cup

5. Chilli powder – 3 teaspoons

6. Tamarind – 1″ piece

7. Salt – To taste

29-1-2009-069 Ingredients of Niger seeds Chutney powder

What you do with what you have:

1. Grate dry copra, wash and chop coriander leaves fine. Peal and crush garlic pods a bit and keep aside.

2. Place a wide bottomed bowl on medium flame and add chopped coriander leaves. Keep stirring till it turns a little dry. Now add Niger seeds into it and keep roasting till it splutters and the color turns a little dull. By then even coriander leaves will have also roast. Transfer it into another bowl to cool.

3. In the same wide bowl dry roast grated copra from step 1 till it turns crispy and a little brown. Switch off the flame and add chili powder, tamarind and salt to it.

4. On cooling mix all dry roasted items from step 2 and 3 into a bowl and add crushed garlic pods to it.

26-2-2009-034 Dry roasted ingredients

5. Dry grind the ingredients in the mixer to a medium coarse consistency. Enjoy it with Jwari roti or Chapathi with an onion round ring!!!!

26-2-2009-036 Ready to serve Niger seeds chutney powder

On cooling store it in dry containers so it remains afresh for more than a month.

How long it takes: 45 minutes

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9 thoughts on “Uchellu chutney powder(Dry)

  1. Hi Poonam,

    These are actualy available in parts of Northern Karnataka and also in the southern part of india. People use this for almost all the masalas like we use coconut in our dishes and Peanuts in case of Maharashtra. This chutney powder is a good combination for Jwari rotti with a few onion rings. It is called Niger seeds in English and Uchellu in Kannada. RThis is not Bitter Mellon seeds.

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