Bisi bele Bhath powder

I have put up a few powders in my earlier postings. Today I would like to put up what is probably the most popular powder in several homes in South India – that used to prepare Bisibele Bhath. Though branded powders are commercially available in plenty, I prefer to make them at home. Once you have all the ingredients (and there are quite a few! ), it is very simple to prepare. I will put the actual preparation of Bisi Bele Bhath next.

What you need to have:

1. Bengal gram dal (chick peas dal) – 4 teaspoons

2. Black gram dal – 2 teaspoons

3. Corriander seeds – 8 teaspoons

4. Fenugreek seeds – 1/2 teaspoon

5. Turmeric powder – 2 teaspoons

6. Cloves – 10

7. Cinnamon sticks – 2 of 4″ each

8. Cardamom – 15

9. Chilli powder – 4-5 teaspoons

(Either Byadgi or Kashmiri chilli)

10.Sha Jeera seeds-1 Teaspoon

(Black cumin seeds)

11.Kopak buds/Shalmali/Marata Mogghu-2

12.Star -1

13.Masala elaichi-3

(Mota/Big/Black Cardamom)

Ingredients of Bisi bele bhath powder

What you do with what you have:

1. Place a broad based bowl on medium flame and dry roast each of the items seperately. Lastly add turmeric powder and chilli powder to it.

2. When cooled powder the roasted ingredients in the dry blender/mixer to a fine consistency and there have your powder.

Store the extra powder either to room temperature or in the refrigerator. It has a shelf life of more than 2 months if stored in air tight containers at room temperature.

Bisibele Bhath powder

What to remember:

1. In this powder I have already mixed copra (dry coconut) around 2 tablespoons if you intend to use all the powder soon after. If prepared in large quantity one can store the powder without mixing copra.

2. Do not fry the copra – it should just be grated and crushed with the roasted ingredients to retain the aroma of copra for this dish.

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15 thoughts on “Bisi bele Bhath powder

  1. Hi,Prepared Bisibelebath at last,without ash gourd(couldnt get them).It turned out great.Next time will surely try to prepare with ashgourd to relish the perfect besibelebath[:)]

  2. Hey
    thanks a lot 4 ur comments. Trial and error method always serves the purpose in improving the quality of the dish.

  3. would you be so kind as to explain the ingredient “Marata Moghu”? In this kantaka dielect? Does this have another name? Is it available in USA?

  4. Hi Jkandell,

    It is one of the most important masala ingredient that is being used in most of the garam masala. It is surely available in the indian stores there. Ofcourse it is a karnataka dielect. It is 4th item clockwise from cinnamon in the image shown above. Next to it is the star masala. This is for ur identification.

  5. We don’t have marata mogu here. (You mean 3rd or 5th clockwise, not 4th, right?) I think it is a type of caper.
    Also, are both types of cardamons (white and black) used whole or just the seeds?
    Finally, is the Sha jeera a tiny very solid dark black seed, the same as Kalonji (=black onion =nigella)?

  6. Hi Jonathan Kandell,

    If Marata mogu is not available you can forget. Regarding cardamoms only seeds are to be used. Shahjeera is black cumin. You may refer wicky please.

  7. I found that making this a chore but there are fast ways to cook this and still have the same flavor. I make sambar with the vegetables of my choice often a 8 oz. frozen mixed vegetables. cook the rice as directed. saute onions and curry leaves and red chiliswith a pinch of hing. taste it to addthesalt if needed. garnish with Cilantro and add sambar powder if needed. it is just as deliciousand good. Add2/3 tsps. of ghee. heavenly. Jyothi

    • Hi Jyothi,

      i would love to prepare it the way i have mentioned since i love that particular taste only. Still i would try your recipe and give the feed back to you. Thanx a lot.

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