Sukadi mix being cut into pieces

Sukdi is nothing but burfi prepared with Wheat atta, Mollasses(Jaggery), Pure ghee, and dry fruits like Cashews, Almonds, Pistas etc. This is a Gujarati dish. I borrowed this recipe from one of my friends and when prepared at home it was liked by all of us and hence I usually prepare it for some parties etc. It also has a shelf life of around 20-25 days when stored at room temperature. There is no hastle in the preparation also and even a starter can prepare it in no time. Just give it shot.

What you need to have:

- Wheat atta 1and1/2cup or 12oz

- Jaggery/mollasses 1/2cup or 4oz

- Pure ghee little more than 1/2cup or 5oz

- Cashews, Almonds a few

- Cardamom 10-15

Ingredients of Sukai

Ingredients of Sukdi

What you do with what you have:

1. Crush Mollasses and keep it aside. Slice almonds, cut cashew into small pieces and also powder cardamom and keep it aside separately.

2. Place a broad based thick bottomed bowl on the flame with pure ghee in it. On melting add wheat atta to it.

3. Keep stirring for about 10-15 minutes till you get a pleasant aroma.

4. Add crushed Molasses to it and stir it on low flame till it mixes for around 1 minute and switch off the gas adding powdered cardamom to it.

5. Pour it on a flat wooden board, roll the mix with the chapathi roller applying a little ghee to it to the required thickness, decorate it with the cut dry fruits as shown in the image below and cut it immediately to the required shape.

Sukadi mix being cut into pieces

Sukdi mixture poured on a wooden board to cut

Ready to serve Sukadi pieces

Ready to serve Sukdi pieces

What to remember:

1. Atta should be fried in ghee till you get a pleasant aroma on a medium flame without a break adding sufficient quantity of ghee, else it will burn and turn the dish bitter.

2. As soon as jaggery is added to the ata ghee mix, donot delay and spread and cut it immediately since when cooled it will turn into powder.

3. Jaggery can be increased or decreased in quantity to suit ones own tastes.

How long it takes: 30 minutes

Makes around 30-35 pieces

This is an entry to the competition here and here.

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18 thoughts on “Sukhdi

  1. is it not godpapdi a gujju delicacy?also on adding gud does it melt into a halva like consistency pl reply god bless

  2. Hi Bernandina,

    Please add the gud that is not old and sour. Adding the best quality gud will make sukdi yummy. You have to just mix it with the atta ghee mix and set it on a plank and cut it immediately. It is ofcourse gujju delicacy true!

  3. Hi Pratibha aunty,
    Yummy…….Tastes good. Made it at home today as a sunday evening delicacy.Will of course, send u the pics soon!

  4. Hello guys n gals. I have tried for the first time it’s so simple to cook I am proud of myself and want to say thank you to the chef who has written so easy recipe.

    • Hi Viral,

      Good that you got it right , not disappointing u at all if u r preparing it for the first time no??????

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