Performing the Sankashti Puja

Photo of Lord Ganesh

At the request of my readers, I am devoting this post to describing a Sankashti Puja proceedure. As with other ritual, there are many ways to perform this puja as well, but the procedure I am describing is something I have followed for several years and is relatively simple. I will try to be as precise as I possibly can as I describe it.


Lord Ganesha is the God of knowledge. We worship him first before starting any work. The name “Vigneshwara” is an apt name for Lord Ganesha as he is known to remove the hardest of all obstacles [Vigna] and allow streamlined success in whatever endeavors we set ourselves upon. It is the same Lord Ganesha who was the only one capable of writing Maharshi Ved Vyas’s dictation of the Mahabharat. Sankashti Chaturthi falls on the fourth day of the second fortnight of every month on the Hindu Calendar. (See dates for 2008) Devotees fast for a whole day and break their fast after having the darshan of Lord Moon and worshiping Lord Ganesh. This vow is observed to get rid of problems in life.

To start with as soon as you get up have your head bath. Clean the sacred place/temple at your house. Do your morning prayers. Always hum Om Ganeshaya namaha 108 times daily. I always hum the 108 names of Vinayaka. They are called the Ganesha Ashtothara (see below) of Lord Ganesh which is put up in the next paragraph. On the Sankashti day one can hum the 108 names and bow to the lord 21 times either in the morning or at night just before the moon rise however convenient. During the fasting period, Sabudana kitchadi (which I earlier put up here), fruits /curds with Beaten rice are permitted. If one cannot utter the 108 names due to shortage of time or any reason, he/she can byheart this song which is Sankashta Nashana Sthothra and is written underneath.

Sankashtnashana sthothra

Om Pranamya shirasa devam Gowriputhram vinayakam

Bhakthavasam smarenithyam ayuh kamarthasidhaye

Prathamam vakrathundam cha ekadhantham dwithiyakam

Thratheeyam krishnapingaksham gajavakram chathurthakam

Lambodharam panchamancha shashtam vikatamevacha

Sapthamam vighnarajendram cha dhoomravarnam thathashtamam

Navamam balachandram cha dashamam tu Vinayakam

Ekadhasham ganapathim dwadasham tu gajananam

Dwadashithani namani thrisandhyam yaha patennaraha

Na cha vighnabhayam thasya sarvasidhikaram prabho

Vidhyarthi labhathe vidhyam dhanarthi labhathe dhanam

Puthrarthi labhathe puthran moksharthi labhathe gathim

Japedh ganapathi sthothram shadbhir masam phalam labheth

Samvathsarena siddhim cha labhathe nathra samshayaha

Ashtebhyo brahmanebhyashcha likithvayaha samarpayeth

Thasya vidya bhaveth sarva ganeshasya prasadathaha

Ithi sri narada purane

Sankashta nashana ganapathi sthothram samaptham

Decorate the photo of Lord Ganesh with available flowers. The red Hibiscus is the favorite flower of the Lord. The five petalled flower placed on the photo of the lord is usually prefered. The doorva is a must if it is available. Doorva is a 3 bladed grass (creeper). The fern in one’s garden is not Doorva. One can keep this in a bunch of 21 with a Hybiscus flower tied with it as shown in the image below. One can even make a long garland (mala) with doorva and decorate the photo along with flowers. It’s one’s option depending upon the availability & convinience.

Dhurva and the bunch with a flower

Dhurva & the bunch with a flower

The dhurva garland

The dhurva garland

Photo of Lord Ganesh

Photo of Lord Ganesh

Ganesha Ashtothara

Om Vinayakaya namaha, Om Vighnarajaya namaha, Om Gowri puthraya namaha, Om Ganeshwaraya namaha, Om Skhandagrajaya namaha, Om Awyayaya namaha, Om Puthaya namaha, Om Dhakshadhkshaya namaha, Om Dwijapriyaya namaha, Om Agnigarvachidhe namaha, Om Indrashri pradaya namaha, Om Vanibala pradaya namaha, Om Sarva Siddi pradayakaya namaha, Om Sharvathanayaya namaha, Om Sharvapriyaya namaha, Om Sarvathmakaya namaha, Om Srashtikarthre namaha, Om Devanikarchitaya namaha, Om Shivaya namaha, Om Shudhaya namaha, Om Budhipriyaya namaha, Om Shanthaya namaha, Om Dwaimathuraya namaha, Om Munisthuthyaya namaha, Om Bhakthavighna vinashakaya namaha, Om Ekadanthaya namaha, Om Chathurbahave namaha, Om Shakthisamyuthaya namaha, Om Chathuraya namaha, Om Lambodaraya namaha, Om Shoorpakarnaya namaha, Om Herambhaya namaha, Om Brahmaviththamaya namaha, Om Kalaya namaha, Om Grahapathaye namaha, Om Kamine namaha, Om Somasuryagni lochanaya namaha, Om Pashankushadharaya namaha, Om Chandaya namaha, Om Gunatheeshaya namaha, Om Niranjanaya namaha, Om Akalmashaya namaha, Om Swayam Sidharchitha padaya namaha, Om Beeja Poorakaya namaha, Om Avyakthya namaha, Om Gadhine namaha, Om Varadaya namaha, Om Shashwathaya namaha, Om Krathine namaha, Om Vidvathpriyaya namaha, Om Veethabhayaya namaha, Om Chakrine namaha, Om Ikshuchapadhruthe namaha, Om Achochalakaraya namaha, Om Sridaya namaha, Om Sripathaye namaha, Om Sthuthiharshithaya namaha, Om Kuladribrathe namaha, Om Jatine namaha, Om Chandrachoodaya namaha, Om Amareshwaraya namaha, Om Nagayajhnopaveethine namaha, Om Srikantaya namaha, Om Ramarjithapadaya namaha, Om Vrathine namaha, Om Sthulathundaya namaha, Om Thrayikarthre namaha, Om Samaghosha priyaya namaha, Om Purushothamaya namaha, Om Sthulathundaya namaha, Om Agraganyaya namaha, Om Gramanye namaha, Om Ganapaya namaha, Om Sthiraya namaha, Om Vradhidaya namaha, Om Subhagaya namaha, Om Shooraya namaha, Om Vageeshaya namaha, Om Sidhidayakaya namaha, Om Dhoorvabilwapriyaya namaha, Om Kanthaya namaha, Om Papaharine namaha, Om Krathagamaya namaha, Om Samahithaya namaha, Om Vakrathundaya namaha, Om Sripradaya namaha, Om Sowmyaya namaha, Om Bhakthakankshithadaya namaha, Om Achuthaya namaha, oam kevalaya namaha, Om Sidhaya namaha, Om Sachidanandavigrahaya namaha, Om Jhnanine namaha, Om Mayayukthaya namaha, Om Dhanthaya namaha, Om Bramhishtaya namaha, Om Bhayavarjithaya namaha, Om Pramathadwaithyabhayadaya namaha, Om Vyakthamurthaye namaha, Om Amurthakaya namaha, Om Parvathishankarothsunga-khelanothsavalalanaya namaha, Om Samasthajagadadharaya namaha, Om Varamooshakavahanaya namaha, Om Hrashtasthuthaya namaha, Om Prasannathmane namaha, Om Sarvasidhipradayakaya namaha. Sri Ganesha ashtothara namavali samapthi.

At night just before moon rise finish cooking and hum the Ashtothra , the sankashta nashana sthothra. (either both or only the Sankashta nashana sthothra however convinient) offer 2 coconuts, banana, flowers to the Lord, also offer some fragrance sticks, offer the prasad prepared and then Aarathi also. Sing the song Jaya dev jaya dev or switch on the C.D. for the song and ask for his blessings.

I don’t consume any food other than Sabudana kitchadi. More over I also don’t consume garlic and onion in any dish on Sankashti . However regarding moon rise, sometimes due to the clouds etc., moon may not be visible at the specified time. In that case after the moon rise timings one may perform the puja and enjoy dinner with your family. Modaks can also be prepared. I will post the recipe soon.

Sankashti can be followed through out life. One can also follow only the Angarika sankashti.(Sankashti which falls on Tuesday is called Angarika sankashti) It is as per one’s convinience.

Note:One can start his/her day with this prayer.  It is as follows. 

              Vakrathunda mahakaya Suryakoti samaprabha

              Nirvignam kurumedeva Sarvakaryeshu sarvada.

See all my Sankashti related posts here.

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94 thoughts on “Performing the Sankashti Puja

  1. Thanks! This information has been really very precise in the presentation and information. May Lord Ganesha shower his blessings on you too!!

  2. On this day of Angarak Sankashtha Chathurthi, Let us pray Lord Ganesha with all devotion and hope all of us be blessed with Happiness, Prosperity and Success always..

    Jai Siddhivinayak Maharaj !!! Jai Vigneshwar Maharaj !!



  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the info, its very useful….
    i prepare modak & perform pooja in the morning & also i show naivaidya in the morning because i dint know the exact procedure…. now i got to know that in the morning we should perform the regular puja, in the evening prepare naivaidya & perform puja after moonrise, is that correct?

  5. Thanks a lot this is very useful in USA. Please do post the modak recipe soon. Also, do you know how the modak that is bought outside most temples in Bombay/Pune is prepared. I don’t think that one has cocunut.

  6. hi,
    i think i am the one commenting so late..sorry.
    First of all a big thankyou for putting the pooja procedure in such a precise way.It has really been convenient in following this simple way of doing the pooja b’coz of lack of time to do elobrate pooja.i did perform the ankarika sankasthi the way you said and it was satisfying in more than one ways.
    May Lord Ganesha Bless you and your family always.
    Even i am waiting for the modak recipe…more so without coconut.

  7. Hi Rashmi,

    Thanx a lot for your encouraging me to put up The Sankashti Pooja proceedure & the overwhelming response for the same by the grace of the lord.I am thankful to the almighty also. I will put up modak in a week’s time.

  8. dear Pratibha – great info on Sankashti Puja – the prep, Puja details and offerings! very useful – wonderfully simple. No wonder people love it. May you and the family be blessed by Shri Ganesh!

    keep more coming!

  9. The information given is really of great use. I had heard different practices observed on this day and so bit confused how to implement it. The message has cleared my mind. Thank you. Jai Vigneshwar. May peace rest in this world.

  10. Thank you,

    I am firm believer of lord ganesha and also keep sankashti every month.

    After reading these article I feel so peaceful and would like to start singing ganpathi songs now.

    Thanks again


  11. HI Pratibha,

    It was a great narration of conducting Sri Ganesh Sankasti, Thanks for your effort ,Hope you continue in more good ways , May GOD SRI GANESH BLESS ALL.

  12. Hi Sanchitha,

    I have put up the way i follow Sankashti as per the request of a few of my viewers. So thanx for ur comments. Please also view the other posts too and lemme know.

  13. Hi,
    Have you posted the recipe of Modaks anywhere. If not could you tell where I can find the recipe of making Modaks.


  14. Hi,

    Good explaination about the puja… fasting goes something like this…early morning coffee……fruit juice (during time)….tea at 4 o’clock……after the puja…..dinner.


  15. Thanks for the datails..
    i usually have some fruits and tea and dinner after seeing the moon..

    I didn’t do sankasti in pregnancy, it is ok?

  16. i live in Sydney in Australia, i do the Sankasti which is mentioned in calender in India, but Sydney is 5 hours ahead to india.. Is it ok to do like this or What is the best way to follow the Sankasti?
    It is hard to get the Sankasti dates according to the Sydney timings?

  17. Hi Sneha,

    Thanx a lot for ur comments. Normally people skip Sankashti during last months of pregnancy. No probs i think.

  18. Hi Sneha,

    If you happen to do it 5 hours ahead of india’s timings , then you should have food in the evening itself. So i think you can follow it as you feel it convinient.

  19. I believe very much in Lord Ganesh. I fast every tuesday so automatically Angarki is also done as it comes on tuesday. Thanks for info on Sankashti

  20. Hi Priya,

    I am also a devotee of Lord Ganesh. I also follow Fasting on the usual Tuesdays like you. Thanx 4 visiting the blog.

  21. I believe very much in Lord Ganesh. I fast every tuesday so automatically Angarki is also done as it comes on tuesday.Ii visit temple on tuesday without fail Thanks for info on Sankashti

  22. Hello all, its angarik sankashti today, does anyone here know thee timings of chandrodaya in Sydney.i fast for every sankashti, but its really hard to get the timings. thanks all.

  23. raj kalkhambkar
    Hello all, its angarik sankashti today, does anyone here know thee timings of chandrodaya in Sydney.i fast for every sankashti, but its really hard to get the timings. thanks all.

  24. Thank you so much for this post. I always wanted to know thw procedure to celebrate sankashti. This blog is very helpful.

    But where can I get ‘DURVA’ Is there a specific place we can find such grass.

    • Hi Deepti,
      This grass is a creeper and grows anywhere with a little water and sunlight. Here in india we get it in the markets as well during sankashti.

  25. hello

    plz clarify my doubt bcoz i really want to keep angarak sankashti chaturti fast but my maharastiran frnd said if u keep it once than u need to follow chaturthi fast on every month…….Is that so? i am frm north india nd i dnt knw much abt it………… plz reply

    • Hi Anshul,

      There are people who follow only Angarika sankashti. Following one Angarika sankashti is like having followed 21 normal sankashti. I donot think there is any hard and fast rule regarding the same..

  26. Hi Tai,

    I also keep Sankashti Fast, but plz let me know the coconut that we offer to Bappa, can we use it for cooking on the next day.If not then what to do with that Coconut. I was not aware that this fast is to be left after moon rise.
    Next time onwards I will do the same.

    Thanking you.

  27. Thanxs a lot Tai for the info.

    Yesterday I had cooked Beans Curry, it tasted awesome. I never buy French beans coz I don’t like, but after reading the receipe of your’s I thought to give a try. You won’t believe, I liked it so much that I have included that in my often cooked vegetables list.

    Thanking you again.

    • Hi Jiya Shinde Upadhyay,

      Actually Beans curry tastes yummy only if it is tender and fresh. Good that you enjoyed da dish. Thanx a lot 4 ur comments.

  28. Hi,

    Tai plz guide me how to knead the dough of GulabJamun. Yesterday I tried, but all the gulabjamuns got wasted, got burnt while frying n when I put in suger syrup, the balls got spread. Is it possible for u to put up the video clips for the same, if not then put up in the blog, exactly what to do for soft GulabJamuns.

    Thank you.

  29. Just now I saw the receipe of Drumsick Brinjal Curry, let me know, if we do not boil the Drumstick, will it get cooked properly and become soft? Today in the evening, I m thinking to try this one.

    • Hi Jiya shinde Upadhyay,

      You can cook Drumstick for a while in the seasoning and then add Brinjal pieces. One more thing always use Fresh Drumstick only.

  30. one suggestion ,

    plz put this in starting

    Note:One can start his/her day with this prayer. It is as follows.

    Vakrathunda mahakaya Suryakoti samaprabha

    Nirvignam kurumedeva Sarvakaryeshu sarvada. ”


  31. can we rice /roti and dal , curry and curd for dinner after sankrusti puja.

    or do we have to eat sabudana kichidi..

    Pl. let me know.

    Thanks a lot .

    • Hi Kusum,

      We can eat rice, dal and curry, curds etc., after the Sankashti pooja. I eat Sabudana kichadi in the noon and evening.

  32. Shashi,
    A reasonable Legend explanation I found at . According to legend, a cure to curse given by Lord Ganesh when Moon laughed at him (curse cannot be taken back…..)was suggested by Him.The already granted curse could not be reversed,but Lord Ganesh blessed the Moon by saying that, ‘On Sankashti Chaturthi, no devotee will consume the meals until your face is seen and prayers are offered to you”.
    I hope, Pratibha, you will excuse me for “bud-in” for this explanation.

  33. i hve a very small temple with all GODS mounted on wall. Can i pick LORD GANPATI and place the idol/photo on a separate table and do the puja?
    Is it allowed to pick the GOD from temple and place him somewhere else?

  34. HI madam,

    Your blog is awesome! especially burfigalu and vundegalu tumba chennagi moodi bandide. Dhanyavadagalu. :-)

    Can u pls let me know if there are any pooja procedures/ mantras for getting a baby. Have remained childless.. :(


  35. Hi Pratibha,
    Thankyou for the explanations. One more doubt I seem to have is the number of fruits being offered to the Lord during Ganesh Sankashti Pooja. Does the five fruits to be offered include the coconut also ?


  36. Hi Pratibha,

    One more doubt I seem to have is the number of fruits being offered to the Lord during Ganesh Sankashti Pooja. Does the five fruits to be offered include the coconut also ?


  37. Hi, the moon rise time here is around 10.30pm which is very late in terms of when one has dinner with family in Singapore. Do I eat first with family and then do the pooja? If pooja is done after moonrise i will not be able to distribute prasad to family member as they will all be in bed. How do I do this? I am puzzled.

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